Vision and working method

Technokas goes for maximum synergy

The key elements in every greenhouse construction project are the greenhouse, the heating and cooling, the other climate control systems and the business facilities. In our view, maximum synergy will only be achieved if we consider all these elements as integral parts of the same project. Full benefits will only be obtained if all parts communicate with each other. It will also make the realisation of the project better and faster. As a grower, you will benefit directly from this.

We investigate each part in detail, figure out how they work, what materials they are made of, and what the alternatives are. This knowledge is necessary for an optimal integration of all parts, and to avoid the need for (expensive) modifications at a later stage. We like to compare the construction of a greenhouse with a jigsaw puzzle. We will start putting the puzzle together as soon as all the pieces– the individual parts – have been defined.

For a greenhouse construction project to run smoothly, all the pieces of the puzzle must be available at the right time. This also applies to the right person, for example a subcontractor, who will be able to put the pieces in the right place. We excel in engineering (defining the pieces of the puzzle) and in project management (putting the puzzle together).

During preparation and construction, you have one point of contact: your project manager, who knows the ins and outs. This short line of communication guarantees that you remain closely involved in the project. It enables us, on the other hand, to operate as closely as possible to you. In this way, we work together in order to ensure the best possible result, which will benefit you for years to come.

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