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Greenhouse heating as a logistical and 'green' challenge

Heating is increasingly becoming an integral part of the greenhouse concept. The integration of other heating sources is also becoming increasingly important, such as geothermal heat, residual heat, CHPs and electric boilers. Think also of joining in a cluster. The possibilities are endless. Technokas provides advice and optimal integration.

Greenhouse heating is more and more becoming part of the logistics system. Think of hoistable heating frames, scout platforms, spraying facilities and internal transport systems. Therefore, we are increasingly aligning the profile of the heating system with other functions. This can result in reducing the part that you need to heat (pipes) and so gaining more light in the greenhouse. We know better than anyone how to – often creatively – integrate heating systems into the greenhouse concept.

In addition, exploiting 'green' heat sources is becoming increasingly important. Geothermal heat and residual heat from industry or data centres are becoming more and more frequently available to horticultural companies. The key element is to cool this heat as far as possible for maximum efficiency. With low-grade heat, it is not just a matter of slowing down the flow of water, so that the system can release more heat. It can also mean that we have to fit a heat pump or cascade system, where the water cools down in stages in different grids.

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