SMART engineering.


We start by asking (a lot of) questions

The design process of a new greenhouse starts with 1001 questions. Questions like ‘Where do you want to go’ and ‘What is your dot on the horizon’? Because every grower has different goals and ambitions, no project is the same for us. So the design never starts with the greenhouse itself. It is much more the climate conditions, the logistics processes and the working conditions in the new nursery that determine our starting position.

Because climate and energy are decisive for the operation of a nursery, this is our starting point. Energy and climate calculations are our speciality. With recognised experts we carefully find out which techniques and installations fit your ambitions and goals. Once we have established this set of requirements, the structural design follows.

Technokas Engineering firm excels in the integral design of greenhouses. Each greenhouse contains several systems and it is our challenge to integrate the functioning of the installations, such as heating, internal transport or climate improvement into the structural parts of the greenhouse. Ultimately, this integrated approach will result in the most functional greenhouse, cast around all the technical facilities like a custom-made suit.

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