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The ID Greenhouse: up to 60% energy savings

The ID Greenhouse is a very energy-efficient greenhouse with diffuse insulating glass, provided with anti-reflection coatings on the four glass sides for maximum light transmission. An extra energy screen is not necessary, which offers more light output. The greenhouse also consumes less water, can run on low-grade (earth) heat and has a very even climate. Various new techniques are fully integrated in the ID Greenhouse. The ID Greenhouse saves up to 60% on your energy bill.

Special features of the ID Greenhouse:

  • The windows are 3.16 x 2 metres: twice as large as usual.
  • The greenhouse deck and facades consist of coated insulating glass with a very high light transmission, comparable to standard single glazing.
  • Small, continuous vents that open from the ridge on one side of the deck. This reduces the 'for and against air'. Ventilation with much smaller openings is therefore possible without shadow on the 'south side' of the greenhouse. The ventilation window has a hole pattern for the first cm's, which makes it possible to steer the ventilation more accurately.
  • The vents are equipped with a rain edge that closes at the ridge. This prevents raining in when the vents are slightly open.
  • The greenhouse is rotated with the rows transverse to the direction of the deck. This way the light falls optimally into the crop.
  • The screen package closes under the gutter so that it hardly catches any light.
  • The ID Greenhouse has an extra sloping facade with air handling units. These are used to dehumidify the greenhouse air. These sloping facade are a part of the bracing construction of the greenhouse, so that the interior can be constructed lighter.
  • The greenhouse is heated with return water from the geothermal heat installation (45┬░C).

The ID Greenhouse was developed by Technokas and Duijvestijn Tomatoes, in collaboration with BOAL Systems (aluminium deck and facades) and Scheuten Glas (insulating glass). ID Greenhouse® received the GreenTech Innovation Award in 2014.

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