SMART greenhouses.

Greenhouse construction

Climate installations

Do you opt for an off-the-rack product or for a custom-made greenhouse?

We do not have standard greenhouses at Technokas. That is a conscious decision, because a standard greenhouse rarely produces the best result. After all, every crop and every grower is different. We do not sell you fixed dimensions and therefore we do not have any pre-produced parts in stock. This enables us to advise you independently. This way we will be able to always make the right choices, together with you and in line with your ambitions and financial possibilities.

When it comes to a new greenhouse, Technokas is the party to realize your dreams. Imagine the ideal nursery, in line with your strategy and ambitions and your ideas about cultivation. We start at zero with every design, we are not a 'copy/paste' organisation. We have a lot of knowledge of the most diverse greenhouses and techniques. When we design something, we do so integrally: we ensure that all parts of a greenhouse are in balance and communicate with each other optimally. Not an easy task, but then you have what you want and what suits your cultivation.

The better we understand where you want to go with your new nursery, what you want to achieve with it and which product you want to grow, the better we can advise you. If you already have a design, we will immediately start a budget process. We hope to be able to offer you a suitable solution that is price-wise interesting for you. But first we will ask you critical questions to get a good foundation for your choices. We will also want to inform you in advance about the possible alternatives or improvements that are available. That process may cost you in the beginning a little more time, but it always produces a better result.

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