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Greenhouse cooling for year-round consistent quality

Greenhouse cooling is becoming increasingly important in order to be able to deliver consistent quality all year round. Cooling has been common practice in some crops for years, such as freesia, alstroemeria and phalaenopsis. In other crops cooling is on the rise, such as roses. Technokas has already developed a smart solution for this.

Because more and more growers are lighting their crops and more and more customers want the same quality in summer and winter, there is a growing interest in greenhouse cooling among horticulturists. You want to be able to create a constant climate all year round, regardless of the outdoor conditions. Technokas has developed an ingenious air handling system for this, which can be used for cooling, heating and dehumidification. We install this system in the greenhouse facades. We can also equip existing greenhouses with this system.

Although Technokas develops cooling systems itself, we will never force a particular system on you. Do you want to cool above or below? In principle, it does not really matter to us. We develop climate control systems that meet your requirements 100%, and we will certainly not sell you a standard product that only works for 80% of the cases. We always offer the most suitable solution, especially when it comes to a critical function such as cooling.

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