SMART engineering.


The next step: from drawing to specifications

As soon as we have completed the inventory, we start the design process. This means that the energy supply, the heat emission systems and the transport systems will be included in the design. If necessary, we ask specialist suppliers to contribute, after which everything will be combined into one overall design. On this basis, a project drawing is created.

Only after having completed the technical design, the drawings, the energy, climate and construction calculations, we can draw up building specifications. Our strength is that we have an open culture and a technically advanced way of working, in which we focus on technical principles. That is why we make technically very detailed building specifications that give you – as a client – the certainty that any greenhouse builder supplies a nursery that meets your preconditions.

The offers made by third parties based on our specifications meet your most important conditions. Suppliers can add or offer their own ideas and innovations, but the technical basis is guaranteed by our detailed building specifications. The offers that come in can therefore be compared one-on-one: apples with apples.

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