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Climate installations

Next Generation Growing according to Technokas

Technokas has devised a special solution for Next Generation Growing: end gables with a built-in climate control system for cooling, heating and dehumidification. This system has now been successfully introduced to various growers.

The system draws in dry outside air at the front facades, optionally mixes it with greenhouse air and heats it up to the inside temperature on the spot if necessary. We then distribute this air through transparent hoses over the cultivation departments. The greenhouses have been or will be fitted with distribution pipes and mixing groups for the heating elements. Furthermore, we design the sprinkler irrigation and lighting systems installations in such a way that you can easily install the hoses over or underneath the crop, so that they have no negative influence on the emission of the treated air. The system is already active at a large number of our customers, such as chrysanthemum nurseries Arcadia and Van Uffelen Flowers, gerbera nursery Holstein Flowers, vegetable growers Van der Kaaij and Van Schie, phalaenopsis nursery Ter Laak Orchids and OK Plant. In addition, these greenhouses are provided with a second energy screen.

Wageningen University & Research, Kas als Energiebron, DLV, Deliflor and other chrysanthemum growers, but also Holstein Flowers have tested this installation at length. Other crops also achieved positive results with the Technokas climate control system during long-term trials. In addition to a more even climate, the growers expect – in combination with the screens – to save 15 to 30 percent energy. Furthermore, everyone expects the quality of the grown products to be better.

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