Peter van de Pol, Schoneveld Breeding

“We occasionally had some fierce but useful brainstorm sessions”

"We were looking for a party with whom we could share thoughts in a comprehensive way, who would be able to look over our shoulder, and with whom we could work together as a construction team. Because cooperation, communication and full transparency ...

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Richard Ter Laak, Ter Laak Orchids

“The Daylight Greenhouse pleases us well, both in terms of cultivation and energy technology”.

Ter Laak Orchids had their first 'Technokas', a Venlo greenhouse of 8 hectares, built in 2010. A technical achievement with numerous energy-saving techniques. In 2014, a 4,000 m2 Daylight Greenhouse, an invention of Technokas, was built next to this ...

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Mathieu van Holstein, Holstein Flowers

“Our decision to start with Next Generation Growing has proved to be the right one”

Five years ago, Holstein Flowers decided to start with Next Generation Growing and became a pioneer with this installation in gerbera cultivation. It started with a Technokas air handling and dehumidification installation. Mathieu van Holstein looks ...

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